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                Product list


            Pyrideine series


            Piperidine series


            Pyrimidine series


            Pyrazole Series


            benzene series


            Boronic acids series


            indazole series


            indole series


            thiazole series


            quinoline series


            other series


            order information
                include the following information with each purchase:
                - Purchase order number
                - Product name(common name,Synonyms ) / CAS RN / Description of the product
                - Quantity / Unit/ rice / Total value
                - Shipping address / billing address / contact( telephone,fax, e-mail,QQ)
                - Preferred shipping method
                - Payment term
                - Signature by duty authorized person

            Warranty & Returns
               Luxing guarantees items to be of stated quality in terms of chemical and physical characteristics at the time of shipment. It will be the sole responsibility of the buyer to determine the suitability of any item of any particular end use. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of our product, we will make every effort to rectify the situation promptly, up to and including replacement of the product at no additional cost. This warranty applies only to products in original container, not to any damaged product by misused. All claims must be received in writing (by fax or email) within net 30 days from date of delivery and failure to do so shall constitute a waiver by buyers for any and all such claims.

            Bulk Quantities and Custom Synthesis
              Luxing has a laboratory (capacity: gram base to kilo base), pilot plant (capacity: 10kg to 100kg base) and manufacturing plant (capacity: above ton base), therefore, we have been in a strong position to offer quality custom synthesis from gram base to ton base at most competitive price.GB PHARMA offers chemicals packaged in commonly used laboratory-sized ready to ship. If you need bulk quantities, or other size, or grades of material, please inquire. Also, if you have specific needs or are interested in custom packaging or synthesis, please contact us.Substantial discount will be offered for bulk quantity or annual contract.

            Price & Payment Terms
              All prices are state in U.S. Dollars without freight, and are subject to change without notice. Special discount will be considered for regular or large orders. For exiting customers, Net 30 days payment term could be offered, but subject to approval. A new customer who is unable to furnish verifiable credit references or an existing customer who has an unsatisfactory payment history, full or partial pre-payment on a Pro Forma Invoice might be required. Customers outside China should electronic wire transfer the payment to our bank account.

            Hazardous Chemicals & Liability
              All chemicals or reagents of the seller should be handled only by qualified individuals trained in laboratory procedures and familiar with the potential hazards of the chemicals. The information and data in this catalog are believed to be accurate and have been compiled from reliable sources. The products listed in this catalogue are fore experimental laboratory use only and are not intended for household use. Only qualified personnel should handle these chemicals.

              In most cases, orders are shipped via FedEx or UPS or EMS or DHL or TNT express which is a door to door delivery service and usually take three or four days of shipment time on the way. For customer residing in China, orders could be shipped via express courier.
                Changsha Luxing Bio-Chem Technology Co., Ltd. copyright 2009. 湘ICP備09018372號  
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